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"Transform Your Music Classes with Educational Technology."

"In the digital age, music educators face unique challenges with the overwhelming tech landscape and limited time to explore it."

"I'm dedicated to offering an extensive array of music EdTech resources designed to elevate your teaching experience."

Discover your Music EdTech
Proficiency Level

Music EdTech Self Evaluation Toolkit

Becoming proficient in music educational technology can

dramatically enhance your professional life and draw new


These are four main points on which you can access your Music

EDTech teaching proficiency:

1. Digital Tools Proficiency

2. Integration into Curriculum

3. Pedagogical Innovation

4. Professional Development and Continuous Learning

Evaluating yourself in this manner will provide a comprehensive

self-assessment. It will help you identify strengths and areas for

improvement in effectively integrating technology into your

teaching practice.

Music Equipment

Join me in order to...

Embrace Tech

Gain access to specially curated resources that simplify complex technology.

Regain Your Time

Spend less time struggling with tech and more time focusing on what you love – teaching music.

Connect & Grow

Join a supportive community of fellow music teachers for collaboration and growth.

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