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Damir Musicverse

Your Guide to Tech-Powered MusicED

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Welcome to Damir Musicverse! I'm thrilled to guide you on a transformative journey where music and technology intertwine, reshaping music education.

With my background of over a decade in music teaching, both in Serbia and at an international school in China, I've been fortunate to experience the profound impact of music in diverse educational contexts. As the Head of Music at my present school, I've crafted a middle school curriculum aimed at enhancing students' musical skills and nurturing their creativity.

What ignites my work in music education is a strong passion for technology. I'm constantly on the lookout for cutting-edge tech advancements that can elevate the learning experience and captivate students in novel ways.

Together we'll embark on a journey that navigates the fusion of music and technology. This is a platform for exchanging experiences, broadening perspectives, and collectively innovating music curricula. Our mission is to unlock unprecedented opportunities and shape the future of music education.

Join me in this thrilling exploration and empower the forthcoming generation of musicians and creators with technology-enhanced music education. Here, you'll find invaluable resources to inspire and transform your own teaching practice.

Join me today!

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Hear my story

Universe and stars

My two greatest passions, Technology and Music, converge to form my unique journey.✨

Accordion 🪗

Accordion has played a significant role in shaping my musical journey, as I have dedicated myself to mastering Classical Accordion Music Performance during my master's studies. In the section below, you can preview some of my performances with the accordion trio 'Assahra' and the tango ensemble 'Libercuatro'.

H. Rechberger - Assahra'

Anibal Troilo - Toda mi vida

Composing ✍️

Explore some of my composition adventures through the videos below. As a teacher who incorporates various composing projects in my lessons, I find joy in experimenting and creating my own music along the journey. DAW of choice: LogicPro.

Damir Musicverse - Temple of Zora

Damir Musicverse - New Horizons

Students' Work♩

Tune in to the great compositions of my students as they merge technology with creativity. Their exploration begins with GarageBand compositions and progresses to crafting music with midi keyboards in LogicPro. Fun guranteed!

Zelda - Scoring Game Trailer

Sonic - Scoring Game Trailer

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