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Colorful music classroom

Elevate your teaching with  GarageBand

The GarageBand course I wish I had when I started with music technology.

Dive into the rhythm of digital music education with my tailored 5-week GarageBand journey, delivered directly to your inbox with two weekly emails. You'll seamlessly compose music, weave it into your curriculum, and captivate your class with GarageBand's rich features.


Designed for the time-pressed educator, this course ensures a harmonious fit with your bustling schedule.

By the finale, you'll be adept at:

  • Harnessing GarageBand to its fullest educational potential.

  • Seamlessly infusing digital composition into your teaching repertoire.

  • Cultivating a collaborative, music-making classroom community.

As a crescendo to your dedication, you'll receive an exclusive GarageBand Educator's Resource Pack, brimming with original lesson plans, project ideas, and insider tips to keep the music playing long after the course ends.

Your course begins now! Check your email.

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