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Audacity AI Plugins Guide: Transcribe, Denoise, Isolate & Compose

Audacity is one of the most popular free audio editing software programs that you've probably heard about before, but many of our fellow educators (including me) aren't using it that much.

Everything can change for you after reading this article. I aim to introduce you to four fresh and FREE AI-powered plugins that you can use today on your computer.

No external sign-ups are required, just the latest version of Audacity, which you can download below:

Audacity download options

For detailed instructions how to download the OpenVINO AI plugins click on the link below:

It's important to note that currently, these new features are only available on Windows machines. As a Mac user, I hope that 'Apple lovers' will soon be able to join in.

Let's return to the AI-powered plugins. They're called OpenVINO AI effects and were created by Intel specifically for Audacity. Here they are:

  • Noise suppression tool

  • Transcription tool

  • Music separation tool

  • Music generator tool

Previously, to use similar tools, you had to pay for various AI tools. However, with the latest Audacity update, you can use them for free, which is fantastic.

Let's examine these tools in more detail so you can better understand their purpose and perhaps find new ways to use them in your work or just for fun.

Noise suppression tool

This feature eliminates background noise from a spoken audio sample. It can be found under the Effect menu:

You can choose from two noise suppression models.

  1. OpenVINO Inference Device: The OpenVINO™ device used to run the noise suppression model.

  2. Noise Suppression Model: You can select which noise-suppression model to use. Currently, we only support denseunet, but we may add others in the future.

The plugin might take 20-30 seconds to run the first time. Subsequent uses will only take a few seconds. As it runs locally on your disk, it's very fast.

Transcription tool

This feature is powered by OpenAI’s Whisper automatic speech recognition model.

The Transcription feature, powered by Whisper.cpp, can transcribe and translate words, outputting to a label track.

To export these transcriptions, navigate to File → Export Other → Export Labels.

Music separation tool

Music Separation is a tool that dissects songs into fundamental parts: vocals, drums, bass, and other elements. This is useful for musicians looking to recreate songs or produce play along tracks. My favorite tool to use for this purpose is LALAL.AI, that might change when Audacity AI plugins become available on Mac.

It's also beneficial for you as a music teachers creating custom materials. You can isolate drums for percussion students or vocals for singers, aiding in understanding composition and arrangement. Students can practice with separated tracks at home, focusing on their part before playing the whole track. This tool can benefit music education.

Audacity App interface screenshot

Music generator tool

In the field of AI music generation tools, there are already major players such as AIVA, Suno, and Cassette.

However, by using the Audacity plugin, you can create unique music from a prompt or based on pre-existing music. The Music Generation and Music Style Remix features utilize Stable Diffusion, specifically Riffusion, to generate new music.

The primary advantage of this tool is its accessibility—you don't need to pay or sign up for any service. You can simply run it within Audacity.


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This article explored the exciting world of Audacity's new AI-powered plugins, offering a treasure trove of resources for music educators. Imagine sparking creativity in your students by easily removing background noise from recordings, generating unique compositions based on student prompts, or isolating instruments for focused practice.

These free tools empower you to craft engaging and personalized learning experiences.

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Let's transform music education together.



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