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Music EDTech Proficiency Evaluation Toolkit: Free Download

Recently I've been reviewing resumes and conducting interviews with a number of international teachers in order to find the best fit for our department. One of the main questions and points of my observation during the interview is the proficiency in music technology and ability to apply it in various teaching scenarios.

Since I strongly believe that future of education lies in close bond with technology. With this article I want to pose this question to you: What is your music technology teaching level? If you are not ready to answer immediately, don't worry. I got you covered since I will help you to evaluate where exactly do you stand on the proficiency scale and how can you go up.

To begin your evaluation immediately, simply click on the image or button below to subscribe and download the document. As an added bonus for subscribing, you'll unlock access to the entire collection of resources I've shared with the Musicverse community.

Cover of Music EdTech Profficiency Evaluation Toolkit

The Importance of Self-Assessment

Self-assessment is crucial in music edTech as it allows educators to reflect on their current capabilities and identify areas for growth. Understanding one's level of proficiency helps in setting realistic goals for improvement and adopting new teaching strategies that align with the digital age.

Music EdTech Proficiency Evaluation Toolkit

This comprehensive guide is crafted specifically for music educators to assess their command over educational technology. It introduces a well-defined music edTech self-assessment framework, aimed at empowering teachers to significantly improve their digital teaching capabilities.

Within the guide, you'll find a meticulous 4-step assessment process covering:

  1. Digital Tools Proficiency

  2. Integration into Curriculum

  3. Pedagogical Innovation

  4. Professional Development and Continuous Learning

Each category allows you to score up to 12 points, totaling a maximum of 48 points for the entire assessment. Upon determining your score, you'll be categorized into one of four levels. These levels are designed to clearly indicate your current standing and provide guidance on your next steps.

I'm eager to learn about your score and am here to help with any questions or further clarification you might need. Feel free to reach out directly through the comments below or via the contact form on my website.

Below you can preview the list of resources in the Musicverse Google-drive folder.

Damir Musicverse list of free resources


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